Nicholas Notti

Nicholas Notti
Born with a moderate hearing loss, Nick was often frustrated that his family physician spoke to his mother about his health care – rather than to him directly.

Only when he began seeing a hearing specialist was he included as an active participant in his own care and treatment. Fueled by that childhood experience, Nick hopes to become a pediatrician and foster better patient/physician relationships.

"I love our supportive community. One of my concerns coming to UCR was that I would have a difficult time making friends. But it has been very easy to get involved, and meet (and learn from) many different people!"

"Of all of my accomplishments, I'm proud of being the first in my family to go to college. My mother and father weren't able to give me very much guidance when I was getting started. I've always had their support throughout the years, but a lot of my success has been a testament to my hard work, and the array of resources available to us here at UC Riverside."

"My name is Nicholas Notti. My gift will be a new approach to pediatric care. I want to recreate the positive doctor-patient relationship I was able to build during my youth – this time in the role of a physician."

Nicholas Notti's Gift