Rosalva Chavez

Rosalva Chavez
Rosalva was a key member of NOx-Out, the student design team that created an award-winning device that reduces emissions in lawnmower engines.

Rosalva came up with the idea because her father mows lawns for a living. In addition to fulfilling environmental goals, Rosalva sees the innovation as a way of giving back to her Latino community.

"At 12 years old I was told that Mexicans don’t go to college. Being young and naïve, I believed this awful individual. But when I told this to my tenth-grade chemistry teacher, she lost it. Then she began to prep me for college."

"I was suddenly taking all honors or AP classes and was devoting my seventh period to MESA (Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement) and Envirothon (a team competition in different environmental topics). That high school experience led me to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering at UCR."

"My name is Rosalva Chavez and my gift will be helping to provide water to low-income housing here in the States or to villages that don't have water distribution systems in Latin America and South America."

Rosalva Chavez's Gift