It’s on US

It’s on each of us to stop sexual violence.


It’s On Us at UC Riverside to stop sexual violence. At UCR, we recognize the various identities and intersectional experiences of our students, staff and faculty. Now more than ever, it’s on us to:

  • Support survivors and vulnerable communities
  • Bring awareness to sexual violence and injustice
  • Cultivate solidarity through healing, activism and education
  • Stand together

Sexual Violence is engaging in sexual behavior without the consent of the other person, or when the other person is unable to consent. It includes sexual assault, sexual battery, intimate partner violence, and stalking. It affects all communities regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.


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We’ve Taken the Pledge. Join Us.

The solution begins with each of us. See who is already on board, and then join your Highlander community in making a personal pledge to stop sexual violence.


It’s on you. It’s on me. It’s on each of us to stop sexual violence.
Take a personal pledge to be part of the solution at ITSONUS.ORG.


Do Something to Stop Sexual Violence.

You may find yourself in a situation where you can help prevent sexual violence. Even if you don’t know the person involved, you can still help.
Just remember these three options:

  • Be direct (ask if they need help)
  • Distract (Get creative! Diffuse the situation)
  • Delegate (get help from someone else)

Get Help. Give Help. Share Survivor Resources and Reporting Options.

You are not alone. Learn about survivor resources, rights, and confidential spaces.

Confidential Resources – On Campus

390 Surge Building
(951) 827-3213
Assisting UCR community members in addressing or resolving disputes or ongoing conflicts (impartial, informal, and independent).

Confidential Resources – Off Campus

Reporting Options

Get the Facts

Know the truth about sexual violence.

Learn more here  

Get more facts here  

Attend these events this month to bring awareness and healing to sexual violence.