University of California, Riverside
Block Party 2017 – Reminders
Block Party Tips
What to Bring:
  1. Your R’Card ID is your ticket! No R’Card, no entry!
  2. An empty, reusable water bottle for the free water filling stations.
    • Eat food and stay hydrated throughout the day with water to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration!
  3. Your charged cell phone! Write down a friend’s number (with a Sharpie! On your hand or arm!) in case you lose your phone.
  4. Money for food trucks (Dining Dollars, Bear Bucks, cash, and credit cards accepted)
Safety Tips:
  1. Alcohol, drugs, and people under the influence of either will not be permitted inside.
  2. Avoid pre-gaming, drinking, and drugs before Block Party
    • You’ll want to remember this amazing event at UCR, and you won’t want to miss your favorite artist!
  3. Never mix alcohol with drugs, even those prescribed to you
    • Ecstasy and alcohol together increase the risk of overheating and dangerous dehydration.
    • Cocaine and alcohol combined increase the risk of heart attacks and sudden death.
    • Marijuana mixed with alcohol leads to unpredictable results including nausea, vomiting and dizziness, and can vary greatly depending on route of administration (smoking vs. ingesting). For more information, visit this website.
  4. Don’t leave your friends alone!
  5. If you see someone who had too much to drink, step in to help, and don’t leave them alone!
    • Medical Aid will be in Latitude 55, for anyone who is hurt or intoxicated.
Get Home Safely:
  1. Plan ahead to have a sober way home. Get a ride with a ride-share app, a cab, or a sober friend!
  2. If a friend is intoxicated, don't let them “sleep it off.” Keep an eye on them in case they need medical attention.
If you lose any items at Block Party, please visit UCPD to retrieve your items.
Don’t be a bystander; Be a Highlander!
For more information on Block Party, visit